Have a sit.

You’re welcome at the table to fellowship, learn, laugh, and praise God. What a special time. A new beginning. New people to meet and new skills to hone. New graces to speak of and new love to develop. 

First and foremost, I want to explain what Women of the Table is. This idea has spawned out of an adoration for Jesus and a joy of sharing that adoration with each other. The name kind of was just a name that sounded good… that had some sort of connection in our brain to a meeting place and a place of fellowship with believers. But as I contemplate all of the richness of what this name holds, I see connections to our Lord. Our Lord gathered around the table to institute the Lord’s supper with His dearest friends, the ones whom he knew well, taught, and loved. He invites those who would repent and trust in him for their salvation, a place at his table as His brother or sister. Also, the table is a place where strangers and friends alike gather in open homes to share ideas, love, and hospitality. Most fittingly, a table is probably where we will be recording our podcast!

Here at Women of the Table, our main goal of podcasting is to complete our joy by sharing the gospel and speaking of Christ for everyone to hear. We don’t want to make this about us, or to make it about you. We want to make it about Jesus. We aim to reframe everything around the Gospel and Him, through His Word, because it is sufficient for us in every part of life. 

But what makes us different? We are learning as we go, taking steps to be gospel-centered in every episode. We aren’t anyone special – no connections, nothing really interesting about us, we just really love talking about Jesus, being challenged by His word and teachers of His word. We aren’t willing to pat heads (as if everything anyone does is acceptable and God glorifying), but we are willing to stick our necks out there for the truth so that you may better know The Truth. 

What will we cover? Well we love all things Jesus. We hope to include the following: theological points, sermons, books, church history, women’s ministry, evangelism, creativity that glorifies God – basically anything that involves Jesus and His Church.

We hope to utilize this blog as a home base, where we can expound on episodes, introduce guest writers, and promote Christian teachers and fellow believers who we admire. 

So, subscribe to our mailing list and follow our podcast on podbean(wott.podbean.com). We will have some great eats for your ears and there’s always a seat for you at the table!

Blessings in Christ,

Michelle and Betsy